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Chitobine plans to be a US chitosan manufacturer based in New Jersey supplying chitosan to domestic and international marketplaces. Our goal is to be the premier chitosan provider in North America, supplying high-quality chitosan for use in agriculture, food and beverages, cosmetics, and other areas as well as in support of new product development. Future goals include providing medical and pharmaceutical-grade chitosan for applications such as wound healing and drug delivery which domestic chitosan manufacturer helps. Chitobine also plans to manufacture and sell chitosan blends and derivatives to satisfy as broad a customer base as possible.

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Chitosan Applications

A few popular applications for chitosan


Chitosan is a non-toxic biodegradable crop enhancer and antifungal agent.


Chitosan is used as an antimicrobial agent to increase the dye uptake in wool.


Chitosan clarifies wastewater and removes metals and dyes.


Chitosan coatings can be used to improve food appearance and preserve the quality of food products.

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